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Claudication & Critical Limb Ischemia

When narrowing or blockages occur in the arteries that flow to the legs, people can develop leg pain with activity, or “claudication”. When the disease progresses, the muscle and skin can start to suffer leading to pain at rest, ulcers or non healing wounds, and in the worse case, amputations.

Peripheral arterial disease is the leg can start long before symptoms can occur. Arterial ultrasound is a fast and painless test we perform in our office to evaluate the degree and location of blockages in the legs.

As with all peripheral arterial disease, treating your risk factors is important. Heathly living is key! However, some people might require medications and special procedures to improve blood flow to the legs.

At Houston Cardiovascular Associates, our cardiologists are some of the nations leading experts in treating these diseases, especially the severe forms! We are experts in the newest technology to treat these blockages, including angioplasty (balloon inflations in the small vessels), atherectomy (removal of the blockage from the artery), and stenting (placing a small wire mesh tube to prop open blood vessel).

Make an appointment with one of our vascular specialists to discuss what plan is perfect for you.